From the originators of the world’s first electric press brake, the BB Series offers solid performance and know how in bending. The BB Series ball screw press brake with 100% MITSUBISHI electronics, motors and servo drives, features an AC Servo motor and ball screw mechanism for high speed productivity and repeatability (± 0.001mm). When you need accuracy every time, you can count on the BB Series. The ram shaft drive enables high-speed movement at 100mm per second and incredible ram repeat-stop accuracy. The high speed, high precision back gauge has a four micron positioning accuracy thanks to MITSUBISHI motor technology. Easy 15-inch color touch screens running standard Windows XP Pro, make programming simple and quick. Off line 3D programming is available also with all imagery appearing at the control. Environmentally clean and quiet, the BB Series is the crown jewel of any bending department.

Model BB4013
Bending Length: in (mm) A 49.6 (1260)
Bending Capacity: US tons (metric tons) 40 (36)
Stroke: in (mm) I 5.9 (150)
Max Approach Speed: in/s (mm/s) 3.9 (100)
Max Bend Speed: in/s (mm/s) 0.8 (20)
Max Return Speed: in/s (mm/s) 3.9 (100)
Back Gauge Stroke: in (mm) 25.6 (650)
Max Back Gauge Stop Distance: in (mm) 31.5 (800)
Throat Depth: in (mm) G 3.9 (100)
Open Height: in (mm) D 11 (280)
Distance Between Frames: in (mm) B 51.2 (1300)
Table width: in (mm) C 3.9 (100)
Table height: in (mm) E 35.4 (900)
Total width: in (mm) L 65.3 (1660)
Total depth: in (mm) J 72.8 (1850)
Total Height: in (mm) H 93.7 (2380)
Electrical Cabinet Swing depth: in (mm) K 24.4 (620)
Control Arm Swing Area: in (mm) 45.3 (1150)
Oil Tank: gal (ltr) None
Machine Weight: lb (kg) 7,716 (3,500)
Full Load Amps @ 480V (X,R,Z1,Z2,AC) 46 @ 208 V


  •          High speed and precision
  •          Environmentally clean by using no hydraulic fluid
  •          Extreme reliability and quality
  •          Quiet operation


  •          Automatic Thickness Detection – measures thickness on the fly
  •          I micron ram repeat accuracy (0.001 mm)
  •          4 micron back gauge repeat accuracy (0.004 mm)
  •          15 inch color touch screen CNC
  •          2D programming with auto bend sequence and collision check
  •          Standard 4 axis (X, R, Z1, Z2). Optional X prime.
  •          Interlocked rear safety doors
  •          Bending and back gauge axis adjustment pulse handle
  •          LED illumination at the front and over back gauge


  •          FF Axis (X prime) 5th axis on back gauge. ± 4 inch X axis range
  •          Sheet follower
  •          Laser finger protection
  •          Infra red light curtain finger protection
  •          Programmable back gauge finger touch sensors
  •          WILA & Wilson hydraulic clamping
  •          One touch quick release European style upper punch holder
  •          Wilson Express Clamp quick release European style upper punch holder
  •          Safety side guard panels
  •          Diamond Soft 3D off-line programming software
  •          Magnetic back gauge fingers
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