Today’s competitive manufacturing environment demands 24/7 production from many shops. The eX series is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding shops. Built on a heavy-duty, single platform, the eX incorporates crucial improvements over the previous LVPlus II model. The most cost-effective machines on the market, the eX series provides faster movement, more powerful piercing and an eco mode that reduces costs while the machine is running.




Model 3015 eX Plus
Machine Travels: X x Y x Z in (mm) 122 x 61 x 5.9 (3100 x 1550 x 150)
Workpiece Dimensions: W x D in (mm) 120.1 x 60.0 (3050 x 1525)
Available Resonators: (model number/wattage output) 35CF-R, 45CF-R, 60 XF
Motion Drive System Design Helical Rack & Pinion
Processing Lens Focal Distance: in (mm) 5.0/7.5/10.0 (127/190.5/254)
No. of control axes 3
Machine Structure X-Y Helical Rack & Pinion, Z Precision Ball Screw
Travel Drive Method X-Y-Z Simultaneous 3-axes (Z axis height control is also possible)
Table Pass Height: in (mm) 34.6 (880)
Processing Access Power Operated Door
Pallet Changer Provided
Rapid travel speed [X,Y]: in/min. (m/min.) 3940 (100) single axis, 5550 (141) simultaneous
Max. processing feedrate: in/min. (m/min.) 1970 (50)
Positioning Precision: in (mm) 0.0019/20 (0.05/500) X, Y axis, 0.0039/4 (0.01/100) Z-axis
Repeatable accuracy [X,Y]: in (mm) +/-0.00039 (+/-0.01)
Drive Motor Type Intelligent AC Servo
Max. workpiece weight: lb (kg) 2050 (930)
Installation Dimensions (W x D): in (mm) 566.9 x 344.4 (14,400 x 8748)
Machine Unit Dimensions (W x D x H): in (mm) 428.6 x 127.8 x 93.7 (10,886 x 3246 x 2380)
Machine System Weight: lb (kg) 28,090 (12,740)
Floor Space Req. sq. ft. (m2) 1356 (126)
Type Self contained PC NC
CPU 64-bit
Display screen 15" TFT color LCD touch screen
Hard disk 20.0 GB
Generator output control Output Power, Frequency, Duty
Generator operation control Beam ON/OFF, laser gas change, etc.
Drive system X,Y,Z simultaneous control
Position detection system Encoder
Min. command unit: in (mm) 0.0001 (0.001)
Program input system USB, Computer Link, Eternet LAN


  • High speed, heavy-duty motion system
  • Reduces processing time as much as 50%
  • Superior edge quality and processing consistency over entire work area
  • PC-based, 64-bit NC control has touch-screen user interface and full network capability
  • Ultra rigid, single platform Dianite cast machine frame
  • Provides the ultimate stability that ensures high-speed processing accuracy
  • Mitsubishi safety package includes full side covers and automatic door for processing area
  • Heavy-duty, high-speed pallet changer maximizes throughput
  • Gas change time is improved by 60% over previous model,  approximately 10 minutes from start up time
  • Helical Rack and Pinion reduces noise, and allows for an increase in acceleration in X and Y axes and provides increased accuracy and longer life time
  • Magnetic Head is standard on 45 CF-R Model, allowing for quicker recovery after collision
  • Built in Jet Pierce provides the ability to aggressively pierce mild steel
  • New Mitsubishi Control with Faster graphical interface, USB compatibility and expanded programming options
  • ECO MODE available for increased energy savings
  • New PHXS Head has new lens cartridge design which allows for more constant centering and the focus lens will achieve better performance due to this design change.  The PHXS Head allows for a 10" focal length option
  • Improved Diamond Path Technology for constant beam control and exceptional cutting performance
  • Nozzle Changer Option is now available
  • Power / Gas Consumption Monitor
  • Processing Time Display (Estimates Processing Time)
  • Better Editing & Graphical Capabilities
  • Faster Calibration Processes


(440) 424-2201
(800) 234-5277